From milkman to international transport company

Volmer Transport was established in 1928 as a simple milk and postal service in Veere. At the time, the company had little more than a horse-drawn cart and over the years we have grown to become an international transport service. Today, in 2015, we have a large fleet of vehicles and criss-cross Europe to transport your load to its destination quickly and correctly. Our hard-working, no-nonsense team is at your service 24/7.

Transportbedrijf Zeeland

Dutch transport company for international transport

Tankcontainer transportbedrijf

A well-equipped fleet, experienced chauffeurs and an excellent planning system are crucial for international transport that meets the highest expectations. All of this, and our advanced administration system, means our service leaves nothing to be desired. Our electronic system, into which all consignment notes are scanned, ensures that we can access and email you any required document at the push of a button. Our user-friendly web portal and/or email service puts you in touch with your driver, so you always know where your load is located.

Een transport- bedrijf dat verder  voor u gaat!

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Our fleet

The vehicles in our state-of-the-art fleet are equipped with the latest technology. They transport trailers from A to B and you can follow their progress in real-time via Transics, our web portal that also allows you to contact the driver directly.

We currently have 23 vehicles, of which 13 are ADR-compliant, 5 tautliners (trailers) and 10 container chassis, of which 5 are ADR-compliant and suitable for the transportation of dangerous goods. We also have a flatbed truck.

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Volmer Transport offers:

  • Fast service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Personal service
  • Team spirit
  • Punctuality
  • Dynamics
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Trucking throughout Europe