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Ferry transport and trucking

Our core business is ferry transport, also known as trucking. Your trailers and load, including dangerous goods, are in safe hands with our transport company from Middelburg, a municipality in the south-west of the Netherlands. Our advanced communication equipment ensures direct contact between our clients, the Volmer Transport nerve centre in the Netherlands, and our drivers.

Een transportbedrijf dat verder voor u gaat!

Tank container and sea tank container transport, including for dangerous goods

At our base in the south-west of the Netherlands we have all the transport you need to transport tank containers from the port to your destination. Do you need port-to-port container transport? Our transport company from Middelburg is here to help.


Groupage is a type of transport whereby goods for different clients are combined in a single load so that they can be carried on the same transport. Groupage is less expensive than engaging an entire truck to transport your load only.

Exceptioneel vervoer

Special transport demands a high standard of care and attention to ensure that the load is delivered to the destination undamaged. If your goods cannot be transported by a standard truck, a special permit may be need from the authorities and/or the transport may need to be escorted. It's the work of specialists. Thanks to our network, expertise and experience, we can provide special transport services within the Netherlands and throughout Europe, including at short notice.